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Different Types Of Cheap Acreage For Sale That You Can Find And The Pros And Cons:

Cheap land is always available across the country, even when you’re searching for “acreage for sale near me,” “Cheap Acreage for sale,” or “cheap acres for sale near me,”
with intentions of finding land next to the water, mountains, or anywhere in between. Cheap land is perfect for those who enjoy being in the great outdoors, camping, and off roading.

When you’re searching for “acreage for sale near me,” “Cheap Acreage for sale,” or “cheap acres for sale near me,” you should know what makes certain lands cheaper than others.

Most lands that can’t generate easy revenue will be relatively inexpensive but, price will always increase because it’s land! and they don’t make anymore of it. As a result, you can expect lands with existing properties and lands with farming potential to be more costly.

  • Pros: Cheap land is literally everywhere when you’re seeking “Cheap Acreage for sale” or “cheap acres for sale near me.”
  • Cons: Expect to pay more money for lands with existing properties.

Here are the different types of uses for “Cheap Acreage for sale.”


Many people want to purchase cheap land for residential use. Families often look for Cheap Acreage for sale to construct their dream house while retirees look for Cheap Acreage for sale to create a space where they’ll be able to enjoy their golden years.

The top three states to buy Cheap Acreage for sale are Arkansas, West Virginia, and Tennessee. According to many prominent listing data, most Cheap Acreage for sale in:

  • West Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas

costs 30 to 40 percent less than the medium price per acre listed across the nation.


Do you always look forward to early morning hunts? If you’ve answered this question with an enthusiastic “yes,” you’ll probably enjoy owning cheap land for hunting.

Most cheap land for hunting is available in the southwest area like Texas and Oklahoma. Just look for Cheap Acreage for sale or search for “cheap acres for sale near me” in West Texas counties such as Val Verde and Terrell, and you’ll likely discover high-quality hunting land for as low as $500 an acre.

Oklahoma and Texas are not the only states to buy Cheap Acreage for sale, though. Wisconsin and Minnesota offer Cheap Acreage for sale, but you’ll have to enjoy hunting in sub-zero temperatures.

Land Near Water

Buyers who enjoy being near the water will discover Cheap Acreage for sale in Washington and Oregon. These two states offer Cheap Acreage for sale
next to extremely beautiful bodies of water.

While the North Bend area of Oregon offers Cheap Acreage for sale near the gorgeous Adventure Coast, the Ocean Shores area offers Cheap Acreage for sale with incredible ocean views and many real estate options.

Would you prefer to buy Cheap Acreage for sale near the water in a warmer climate? Florida and South Carolina offer some Cheap Acreage for sale near the water. Make sure to check out the Cheap Acreage for sale
in Myrtle Beach and Boynton Beach.

Do you prefer Cheap Acreage for sale near a lake? Consider buying rural land with amazing water views in:

  • Pennsylvania
  • New York


There is good news for buyers who don’t want to purchase Cheap Acreage for sale in the middle of nowhere. Many states offer Cheap Acreage for sale
near the city.

Lexington, Kentucky, is the ideal place to purchase large lots of Cheap Acreage for sale that are close to the heart of the city. Here, Cheap Acreage for sale can cost roughly $5,000 per an acre, which includes many great big city perks.

Cheap Acreage for sale is also available in many other large cities such as:

  • Chattanooga
  • Jacksonville
  • Buffalo
  • Tampa Bay

Acreage For Sale

Are you asking yourself “where to find acres for sale near me?” The answer isn’t is easier than you think.

Start searching for “acres for sale near me” within thirty minutes of your town, and then continue expanding into other Cheap Acreage for sale areas.

After a few “acres for sale near me” searchers, you’ll find that there is Cheap Acreage for sale near you if you don’t require a lot of specifications.

  • Pros: Most buyers can find Cheap Acreage for sale after searching “acreage for sale near me.”
  • Cons: If you are searching for “acreage for sale near me” near
    an affordable forest or recreational land, you may need to expand your search a little.

Land For Sale

Do you dream about constructing a tiny house or creating a homestead?

Many of us dream about discovering a warm place to call home, but first, you’ll need to find Cheap Acreage for sale.

When you’re looking for cheap land for sale, you may need to be open to all possibilities. As a general rule of thumb, try not to focus too much on finding cheap land for sale near popular cities. Most of the land in trendy areas will likely come with an expensive price tag and unreasonable buyer competition, so don’t expect Cheap Acreage for sale in these exclusive areas.

Stick to your budget, and seek out areas of the country with Cheap Acreage for sale for more affordable prices.

  • Pros: If you’re open to all possibilities, you can find cheap land for sale in unusual places.
  • Cons: Cheap land for sale may not be near popular cities.

Large Acreage For Sale

When you think of large acres for sale near me, do images of Cheap Acreage for sale in the Midwest come to mind?

Although you can find large acreage across the country if you search for “acres for sale near me” hard enough, your best bet is to check out big vacant land in the mid-western states first. Here, you’ll likely find large acreages for an incredible value.

  • Pros: Large acreage for sale allows you to use the land for many different things.
  • Cons: Large acreages for sale aren’t prevalent everywhere.

Recreational Land

Recreational land is extremely popular among people looking for a space to ski, ride horses, canoe, hunt, fish, hike, and drive ATVs.

Lucky for outdoor enthusiasts, recreational land is available all across the country, so finding a place to engage in fun, outdoor activities should be easy.

  • Pros: Most recreational lands allow you to engaged in several different activities.
  • Cons: If you want cheap recreational land for skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling, the best options are probably only in colder states.

Infill Land Lot

Would you like to build a beautiful home on an infill land lot? Come on, and join the club!

In general, infill land lots are really popular among buyers primarily because they are located in extremely desirable neighborhoods.

Many infill land lots are inexpensive, but just keep in mind that there are certain drawbacks to this type of cheap land.

  • Pros: Most infill land lots are located in extremely attractive neighborhoods.
  • Cons: There may be community rules pre-established by the HOA.

Rural Vacant Land

Before you start searching for rural vacant land, it’s a good idea to determine why you want to own this kind of land.

Will you use rural land to build a residence, hunt, or engage in family recreation?

If you plan to actually live on rural land, you’ll need to ensure that public services are nearby.

Maybe you plan to use the rural land as a timber investment. Just make sure that the rural land has the right kind of timber for generating revenue.

Do you want to purchase rural land for deer or turkey hunting? When exploring rural lands, you’ll need to keep your eyes open for these animals.

After determining why you want to buy rural land, you should perform a thorough inspection of the lots. Depending on the intended use, you’ll want to access the rural land’s tinder species, nearby neighborhoods, topography, soil productivity, location of rivers/creeks, and much more.

If you are using the property as a timber investment, you’ll also need to access the actual timber value on the rural land. In many regions of the country, timber can be worth more than $4,000 per an acre, so consider hiring a reputable consulting forester to determine the timber value in a rural property.

For an in-depth inspection, you’ll probably want to use topographic maps and aerial photos. Make sure that the boundary lines are marked when using topographic maps. In many cases, boundary line information can also be obtained from the county tax assessor office. Some areas in the county even provide tax maps online.

While you are shopping for rural land, you should also keep in mind that one day you might decide to sell the lot. If you are concerned about certain aspects of a particular rural land, your future buyers will probably notice these problems too.

The last important step of buying rural land is to confirm the acreage. Although this step sounds pretty easy, you’ll be amazed by the number of people who don’t perform a rough check of the acreage.

More often than not, many rural lands across the country haven’t even been surveyed yet. As a result, most rural property owners are unsure of the exact number of acres in a track, though many people know a rough estimate.

As a potential rural land buyer, it’s primarily your responsibility to perform a rough check of the acreage by using topographic maps and aerial photographs. Depending on the property, you may want to ensure that the rural land is actually surveyed.

  • Pros: Rural vacant lands can be a great investment.
  • Cons: May need to hire someone to survey the land.

Cheap Forest Land

Buying a cheap forest property can be a pleasant experience if you first decide how much money you are willing to spend on trees and woods.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the cost of managing the cheap forest land, including essential management expenses, property taxes, and potential hazard risks.

When calculating your budget for cheap forest land, consider the following questions.

-How much are other people paying for forest land in the area?

-What is the current competition for cheap forest land?

-Would you like a forest land with popular amenities? These amenities may include hunting and creeks.

-Will you be generating revenue from timber sales?

  • Pros: Forest lands can be used to generate revenue.
  • Cons: If you don’t have a budget for forest land, buying cheap land for sale under 5000 dollars can be a nightmare.

Farms For Sale

When you are dreaming about owning a farm, obtaining the right land is imperative.

Whether you are searching for a large commercial farm, a small residential farm, or cheap land for sale under 5000 dollars there are several types of farms for sale.

Some of the most popular farms for sale include dairy farms, horse farms, crop farms, poultry farms, organic farms, and commercial/residential farms.

Once you decide on the type of farm that you would like, you can determine the amount of acreage that you will need. As a general rule of thumb, a small farm is considered 150 to 250 acres while a large farm can total over 250 acres.

Before purchasing a particular farm land, you’ll want to know everything you can about agricultural land.

Here are several questions you’ll want to consider when finding a great farm for sale or Cheap Acreage for sale.

-How much acreage would you like?

-When was the property last surveyed?

-Where are some cheap farms for sale near me?

-What is the land’s history of ownership?

-How rural would you like the farm’s location?

  • Pros: There are several types of farms available at an affordable cost when you’re looking for Cheap Acreage for sale.
  • Cons: There may not be cheap farms within thirty minutes of you. Just expand your “Cheap Acreage for sale” or “cheap land for sale under 5000 dollars” search a bit wider.

Wooded Acreage

Wooded acreage for sale is extremely popular among those who would like to create hunting land or build a relaxing vacation home.

Many wooded acreages are even close to beautiful rivers, lakes, and public lands, so you can enjoy popular outdoor activities.

Pros: Purchasing wooded acreage is a great opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. Not to mention, you’ll be purchasing Cheap Acreage for sale.

Cons: Affordable wooded acreage is not necessarily available in every state, even when you’re searching for “Cheap Acreage for sale” or “cheap land for sale under 5000 dollars” near you.

Mountain Land For Sale

If you want to purchase high-quality mountain land, you’ll need to travel as far as Wyoming to get your dream land. Just remember to search for Cheap Acreage for sale or cheap land for sale under 5000 dollars in Wyoming.

Wyoming is home to many cheap vacant lands with picturesque mountain views, from land near Heart Mountain, Skull Creek, and anywhere in between.

Just make sure you look for mountain land and search for “cheap acres for sale near me”
in Northwest Wyoming such as Clark, Meeteetse, and Cody, and you’re sure to find many vacant lots that will catch your eye.

  • Pros: Mountain land for sale offers incredible mountain views, so just buy cheap land now.
  • Cons: Most mountain lands are only for sale in a select few number of states, so make sure that you buy cheap land when it’s in your ideal state.

Ranch For Sale

The finest ranch for sale and land for sale properties are available throughout the Midwest.

Cattle ranches are perfect for those who would like to run a beef operation while horse ranches are great for people who enjoy horseback riding.

Many areas of the Midwest also offer small ranches, large ranches, and everything in between.

  • Pros: A ranch or land for sale
    in the Midwest comes with a western flair.
  • Cons: Ranch for sale is a very “Midwest-only concept.”

Buy Cheap Land

Since cheap land for sale and Cheap Acreage for sale can serve a wide variety of uses, everyone should consider buying affordable land at some point by searching for “acreage for sale near me.”

From farming and hunting to building a dream home or retirement oasis, purchasing Cheap Acreage for sale is always a great idea.

  • Pros: There are several great uses for cheap land, so you should buy cheap land and Cheap Acreage for sale now.
  • Cons: May be difficult to buy cheap land or Cheap Acreage for sale in your hometown.